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Love isn’t just love

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I Love You

What is love? Most of us, have the notion of love being the physical act. But it’s not so narrow. Love is a way of life. The feeling of genuine care and fondness for the other person. Many people confuse love with lust or attraction. To understand love, you need to be with the person; you need to be close as friends, understand each other so well that sometimes nothing needs to be said at all. It is also very ironic that we don’t understand such love and care when it is showered so freely on us. When we are happy and joyous we feel everything is what was expected and is happening because it needs to. But in times of adversity, that care is noticed and those sacrifices are understood.

Consider the motherly love. She gets up early every morning and makes your tiffin when you used to go to school. That was love. She cared for you. Or consider the relation between siblings. However, how much you fight, in the end, you are comforted in each other’s arms and snuggle. That’s love. Now think of the love for that Timmy/Kitty/Max, your pet dog or cat or for any other pet. You care for them as new-born babies, fuss over them, and consider a part of the family. That’s love too.

But Bollywood and Hollywood have made love so famous as a feeling that needs to be searched for outside and lack of it causes you emotional suffering that people have forgotten it is an intrinsic part of every one of us. Every human being is capable of showering unlimited love on anything and everything in this world. We are only limited by our minds that bound us to those imaginary lines drawn by ourselves.

Marriages today are weak as compared to marriages of the yesteryear. Why? Because, the older generation , better understood about love. Look at relationship issues in today’s marriages. How can one say, My wife has stopped loving me?; My husband doesn’t love me anymore? Then why the hell are they sweating it out day and night, for their own luxury? No, dear, they are earning, so they can have the best they can and enjoy it with you. They are not after that biggest yatch in the world for themselves of for possession sake, but are after it, so that they can share that feeling with you and be happy about it. People today measure everything in monetary value. That is the root cause of these issues. Love is not a product for sale that can be valued.

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