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Is Effective Operation Management behind success of Apple?

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After reading this article on The Operations Room, which was posted in response to BusinessWeek’ s Apple’s Supply-Chain Secret? Hoard Lasers article, I now am able to understand, how did this company bounce back to write one of the most famous turnaround stories in recent times. And how it is still sustaining at the top. Recently it also crossed $500 billion mark in valuation (read details here). All this just goes on to show that, Tim Cook is one serious operations wizard, who caught the eye of Steve Jobs early and was perfectly chosen to lead Apple as he is doing so now.

Apple has always been known to bring out game changing products. They have effectively defined the path where technology should advance. And as it releases iPad 3 with additional features like Retina Display and such this week, the competition gets tougher for its rivals. One more thing commendable about Apple has been that while it keeps launching new products and its upgrades regularly, it knows how to keep people interested in its existing models. To this extent it has used its pricing strategy effectively. yesterday only, it has announced that it is slashing its iPad 2 prices. Now it will cost Rs 24500 for the basic model in India (find the relevant article here), and world-wide its prices are down to $399 (find the relevant article here).

For now, Apple has secured its blockbuster sales growth for another year or two with its iPad 3 launch, which is assured to be a success, considering the effort that Apple has put in setting up the Supply Chain for it. Truly, Apple may be perceived as an innovative technology company, but it is the innovation not only in product, but the way it manages its operations, that is fueling its success. Otherwise who would be able to consistently bring out top-notch quality products, and satisfy record-breaking demand it generates.

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