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Rahul Dravid Model of Management

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Rahul Dravid

Everybody acknowledges the retirement of Rahul Dravid on Friday as a great loss to Indian cricket, though many say it was the right time for him to retire and he himself acknowledges it. I personally liked him as a player and his dedication to the game was legendary. If Sachin is a perfectionist at the game to be called the God, then Rahul is its most ardent worshipper. He worked hard and always has kept his head low and kept on doing the work that Sachin did in limelight of billion expectations. Though in open view it was his class of cricket that showed on field, but subtly he has been dishing out management lessons that one needs to be able to see. Lets see what they are.

He has always been a team player. Always kept team before his own goals. And this quality of his has helped him keep at the wicket and wriggle Team India out of many a tight spots. Management Takeaway: Keep your head low, and don’t crib out others not doing their work or fulfilling their responsibilities. You keep on doing your job and the company succeeds, you succeed.

Although he has never seeked fame or credit as much for his deeds on cricketing field, he has still managed to reach a great pedestal in cricket. He has after all managed to score 13288 odd runs in test cricket and 10889 runs in ODI. There are also many facts about his cricketing stats that many may not know. Check them out here. Management Takeaway: Dont seek fame, you will be recognised eventually for your work. Let the stats pile up and show for themselves. Because when you seek fame for your success you lose focus on your work and then its a downhill.

He started as a wicket keeper and then was a batting mainstay and middle order backbone of Indian cricket. He started keeping wickets again when India required an additional batsman during its low phase when everyone was going through a rough patch. He has also been a captain to India in some 25-odd tests. He has always answered to the duty call whenever the team required him without any sound. Management Takeaway: Be open to develop and acquire as many skills as possible in the start. You may never know what may you be called upon for and if you have them, then you get an opportunity to prove yourself and move up the ladder ahead in your career stages. You will become the fallback guy everyone looks up to.

Dravid wasn’t a successful captain is a popular war cry and he accepted that fact humbly and did not let it get him down emotionally. He just went on with it as a failed job opportunity and kept his focus on his game. but facts show that his Sachin was a worse captain than him. Many acknowledge his technicality and gentleman’s focus on his game being prime factors for him to wriggle India out of troubled waters in many a matches. What they fail to see is that this is a glaring example of situational leadership. Captaincy was an appointed post. He led India from the front on the field. Management Takeaway: It’s ok to fail at a task. Do not let the failure get you emotionally and get back up and keep doing what you do best. And a post is an administrative structural limitation in workplace. Rise above that and excel at your skills and lead your department or the team confidently. Ultimately success of team matters not its appointed leader. Become a situational leader and develop your leadership skills and get noticed for higher leadership roles.

Finally Dravid is epitome of humility and grace. There was a particular respect for the game from him. He never involved himself in controversies and has kept away from them for years. In his own words, I am retiring from the game with a tinge of sadness, but with lots of pride. He has not only paved the way for youngsters to step in at right moment but has also finally acknowledged that he is proud of his achievements and all the adulation being heaped on him. True Management principles employed on Cricket Field!

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