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Why Innovators earn more than Inventors?

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Steve Jobs & Thomas Edison

This article from Spark blog at Qualcomm – Invention and Innovation: Barriers, Struggles, and Motivations got me thinking.

That article throws light on how innovators are basically process incremental experts. They study a process or a product and then come up with new ways at looking things or some changes that is improves and makes life easier. As the article says, in contrast, Inventors have no previous bases to compare to, so often they come up with ideas that are either put up too early or not in proper perspective. And we shouldn’t look down upon them for this. Its hard enough to come up with something new that makes life a hell lot of easier for us. To expect to reap benefits of the work is every inventor’s intention, consciously or subconsciously but very few have successfully enjoyed the fruits of their labour.

We all know Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Alexander G Bell.  While they were all world-famous for their inventions which have changed the world functions today, none of them made much money for their inventions!

It’s always the people who understand how to build a business and develop a system for it. Innovators are true businessmen. They have the real business acumen. They take something that is already present and give it a new feature or image or usage, that satisfies the existing market more completely and overwhelms them. And then they capture the market’s imagination like the original never did and start filling up their bank accounts.

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