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Go out and ask WHY fearlessly

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Thinking Man Rodin

I know most of the people tend to relate to that title. They are all positive about its benefits and how it helps solve many problems. But personally I have found they create more problems than solve them. Problems as in for the person who asks the question, not the problem related to the topic per se. It’s always better when this irritating question gets directed to someone else. When its get directed at you, you are at your wit’s end to answer it. How can one reveal his thoughts or assumptions behind what they speak. Everybody thinks it’s as a basic assumption not to question such things. So to avoid embarrassment revealing your inner thoughts about the topic, or the ignorance about it, many turn against the person who has directed the question itself.

The question is always a precursor to change – Change in the system, change in the way thinking happens, change in the outlook towards things. And change is always for the better. If not the change is there in the process actually, the way we look at it changes. And that is important too, because it throws light on what we were doing and may be help us put on our thinking caps in some unknown aspect that was hidden in the darkness of ignorance. It is not that people will put a question why for just irritation sake. Generally they have a kind of thought process going on in a direction which may be beneficial, but current situation is a roadblock in their thought process to make the processes better. So they want to understand it and that’s the reason the WHY arises.

I have this trait in me to keep looking for improvements in the current processes. I have experienced it often being that the constant companion this word is to me. I am very inquisitive by nature. This has helped me during my working days in Raymond Zambaiti Ltd, where I helped improve the processes to some extent. And it has given me confidence to be independent and to think fearlessly without worrying about the consequences.

I do have a very deeply ingrained sense of fairness about all things I am involved in. I know world is not fair and neither is life. But I try to fight it in my own way. Even if the issue doesn’t involve me, I jump headlong in it, because what is happening to someone today may happen to me next. Who knows? And may be the experience will help me gain the confidence to tackle it too if in future something arises. This trait of me trying to be a saviour in other people’s problems have been a source of pain as much as satisfaction to me. But i still go on to do it, because may be it excites me to be in thick of the things or helps me develop my thinking process more. Whatever it is, this post came out right now, because I was contemplating on WHY is it that I am always looked upon as a troublesome personality?

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