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Queue lines to become shorter

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Disney Queue Management, The Next Generation

If Disney employs that wristband technology, then I see it being an effective way to improve its ride’s efficiency throughout the park and it can distribute the crowds. They can leverage the data gathered to customize its experience to deliver the most to its customers while opening up a host of revenue generating opportunities. Only roadblock I see in this is the privacy issues that may arise. People are inherently wary if they know someone is tracking or keeping an eye on their movements. Subconsciously people may feel to play act and put on their best behaviour, but the constant pressure to do that would make it more of a stressful outing than an enjoyable one. I may be putting it extremely but you never know.

The big data explosion that this will create for Disney would need awesome intelligence to suggest and create spontaneous interactive experiences for customer based on their past and current behavioural trends. If Disney cracks this, which it seems it already knows how to, then the world would be able to witness leveraging of big data by a very big organization for creating wonderful personal experiences for its visitors to their park.

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