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MBA Phase is coming to an end

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When I logged in today and saw the hit counter had crossed 2200 hits, I was content. In past few weeks, I have managed to get an average of 7 to 8 views each day. Though it was on back of my mind, but now that I gave it a thought, I realize it does take time to build up a following. Though people who follow my blog are still less in number, but I am happy that they are reading what I write even if I have been inconsistent about it. Now that I have seen that it does take time to reap the benefits, I am going to come up with more good quality posts in the future. This I feel obliged and motivated to do so more consistently.

(Ok. Done with the bragging. Now off to the topic.)

The end of my two years of Post-Graduation in Management is fast approaching. As most of my batch mates are in packing up mode and partying mood, those few unplaced like me are more tensed that ever. While that is unavoidable, still we should continue our good habits. So it’s time for some contemplation.

When I had joined this institute, I had an expectation of sharing my knowledge and experience, so my peers can learn from me and I can from them as much as the college had to offer me in terms of academic rigor. As these two years went by, I learnt a lot from my peers. It wasn’t something hard-core about management studies, but a lot about how to handle different amounts and types of stress. Emotionally, physically and mentally these two years were taxing and at the end of it I have emerged a stronger person than when I entered this college.

This period had changed my perspective on lot of things. I am now more aware of how a human mind works. I mean how we really form opinions about something or someone. Once we understand that, we can manipulate it to make our viewpoints to be understood. Isn’t that what marketing is all about? Or how a single event or single resource can destroy or constrain the system to sub-optimal performance. And how can we optimize it for best desirable result. Now isn’t that what is operations all about? Today, whenever I see things happening before me, I immediately start analyzing and disintegrating the smallest bit of it to understand it and just ask myself, is it optimal, is it doing what is supposed to do, is it understood rightly and what not. In a nutshell, something like a business oriented and a more sensible outlook to life.

It was always a constant struggle to follow down the path I had set for my own. I have tried to be as independent in my thinking and as sound and fair as I can be, so I can gobble up everything these years threw at me unadulterated. There have been some good decisions and some bad ones. Looking at their outcomes I have understood them and have now improved on my decision-making skills. I have learnt my lessons well.

It is often said, a person’s experience matures him. But what I believe in is, whatever learnings a person can extract from his experience matures him. It seems the same but let me explain a bit. What I am talking about is the learning from even the smallest of the events of each day of that experience that is being counted by the years. A person can mature by a decade in a year’s worth of experience if that person is open enough to what life teaches him through it.

MBA did teach me a lot of things. I tried to understand whatever it threw at me with welcoming hands. I am happy that I undertook this course. Only sad part of the whole experience was that, had I put in more effort than what I had, I could have squeezed more juice from these two years than what I did. I remember now, what my father used to say before the course began, “MBA will change me into a better person and make me a more mature person. It’s more of a personality grooming course.” And as it comes to close, I can go back, stand up and say to him, “Well Dad, the investment indeed was worth it.”

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