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What Defines Him?

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Feelings are what drives him. Passion is what drives those feelings. Ambition is what generates the passion. Stretch goals is what fuels that ambition…

The sense of achieving something overrides his every sense, filling every fibre of his body with an urgency of purpose that is so unsettling; only perfection will soothe the ache, the thirst, the longing. Working on his laptop in a small corner cubicle his calm exterior doesn’t give a hint of the fire within, the flame that engulfs him and his every action. Only thing that is visible to his coworkers, friends and relatives is his passion, creativity and enthusiasm.

He doesn’t sleep sound every night. His mind constantly works on trying to simplify things, perfect them. He tries to evaluate everything objectively, but subjectivity does creep in. He tries to live a righteous life, but unfairness does creep in. He fights a battle internally to tame his mind to think rationally, but irrationality does creep in. He has his mood swings, but that is just a fallout of those mind battles. He feels exhausted mentally. He could take it easy and slacken a bit. He does occasionally enjoy the little pleasures of life, but he doesn’t let it take his sight away from his ambitions and goals. The flame within burns continuously, egging him, driving him, defining him!

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