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Business Doctors - Book Review

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Business Doctors

Book Title: Business Doctors

Author: Sameer Kamat. He is the founder of an MBA Admissions Consulting firm and a site about Getting published in India.

Approx Leisure Read Time: 220 – 260 min

Review:  I came across this book by chance. The author contacted me through and sent across the book. You see, that got me excited about this experience. But I hope that excitement and enthusiasm will not affect my review of the book. So let’s jump straight to it.

The book’s title Business Doctors is quite an unusual term to represent a management consultant, but that’s what the one of the crime bosses of California’s underworld, Mr Woody calls them. The crime boss is in deep trouble. The crime business empire built over three generations that he inherited is in ruins. His lieutenants who have handled his various businesses since his father’s time ironically have no idea what’s going wrong. His hot trophy wife Angie suggests him to bring in the experts. That’s when he calls in, Business Doctors.

Enter Michael Schneider, the founder owner of the management consulting firm Schneider Associates and his loyal second in command, Mr Martin. Michael, at the moment, is trying to save his own firm from effects of recession. This opportunity is dangerous but since it will help him keep afloat a few more months, he takes it. So what happens when the smartest meet the meanest of the world? Let’s delve a bit deeper.

The book starts slow and the language is a bit patchy initially, but soon the writing gets smooth and story more gripping. Michael argues with himself that this assignment is just like several others before it; a sick business to be revived. They are given a crash course in the businesses of gambling, drugs and adult industry by some of Woody’s lieutenants. After a quick run through the various businesses, when Mr Schneider and Martin present their findings, the boss gets them involved in much more than problem identification.

Michael now goes back to the drawing board and uses all his management knowledge and applies it to the crime business. A successful entrepreneur on the right side of law, trying to tread a fine line of the law, as he replicates his business building skills for a client on the wrong side of the law is sure to generate some curiosity. If that’s not curious enough, there are escaped convicts and then there are team building exercises and an impossible task with an impossible deadline with futures at stake. Ample crime and management sprinkled across the storyline. The author builds up to a highlight which is somehow presented as the climax to the storyline. Though it serves as a decent end, there is ample scope in the storyline to deliver more. A sequel on cards? Was that deliberate on the part of the author, only time will tell. Meanwhile grab a copy and enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon. Go to Amazon to get your copy.

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