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Moonlit Night - Chapter Story

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Moon during lunar eclipse


The moon is shining bright in the night sky. The buzz of mosquito slows down as it is about to fall to its death. The mosquito repellant:AllOut burns as brightly as ever and somewhere in distance, the sound of a ringing phone pierces the dead of the night. There is some shuffling on the bed. The phone stops ringing for a minute and starts again. Another shuffle and another long wait for the insensitive caller on the other side. Who calls someone at 4 am in the morning! The phone starts ringing for the third time. The bed creaks as a frail body moves, gets up and shouts, “Darth pick up the phone or put that fucking shit on silent.”

Darth listens to his father’s voice and climbs out of the attic where he was holed up for past 11 hours trying to hack the German Consulate in New Delhi. He walks calmly towards the phone, flicks it open, punches a combination of 58692 and checks his last three missed calls. Unidentified Number flashes on screen. He is confused and scratches his throat. He turns and looks back at the screen of his laptop and then smiles. He switches off the phone, walks back to the laptop, types Execute and press Enter. His screen goes black for a second and then its back to the homepage of Consulate. He picks up his laptop and walks out to the balcony. The edge of the horizon looked beautiful as it bathing in the moonlight. Darth notices the clear sky and devoid of any stars.Even the night is silent. Perfect. No one will ever trace this to me.

Another look at the screen and a smile erupts on his face. He closes his eyes and inhales deeply. Stretching his hand over the edge of the balcony, he releases the laptop in the abyss below. He recently came to appreciate the location of his house, perched on the edge of the hill that overlooks the lake. A splash confirms the final erasal of any trace that could lead it to him. Darth stretches his body and spends few minutes observing the moonlit sky. Sleep gently tugs him at the edge of his consciousness and he decides to not keep it waiting any longer. He turns back, shuts the door to the balcony behind him, plumps on his bed and falls asleep.

(To Be Continued…)

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