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Ankush R Agrawal, the author of the blog

I am a compulsive thinker. I love to listen to other people’s thoughts and understand their way of thinking and their line of thoughts. I always have played the role of a Devil’s Advocate in most of the discussions I have ever had. This has helped me learn a lot though has earned me quite a reputation as a trouble maker or mischief monger. But I never cared for the name calling much. I do what I love and love what I do (Aah! the once famous Blackberry’s tagline. Not promoting it here, though I owned one in the past, lol)

Currently I am working with an IOT product company, Smartron India (Check their website here!) in their marketing team. I joined them at a very exciting period. Lots of exciting stuff has been planned for near future. Keep your eyes and ears open! Their vision is to build a global brand from India with AI and IOT as its main core focus. To this end, they already launched (a sub Rs. 25K smartphone) and (a 2-in-1 tablet laptop on lines of Microsoft Surface for a price of about Rs. 43K). This brand is backed by Sachin Tendulkar which is a strategic investor and its brand ambassador. Recently they launched a budget smartphone under Rs. 15K called the

Before this, I worked with a startup, Roverside Apps Pvt Ltd (Check their website). I worked in analytics operations for six months building excel dashboards, automating the front end using macros & SQL. But after that, I moved to a marketing role to help take their capabilities to a larger audience. We rebranded our analytical services and relaunched our website with renewed focus while I was there.

Before the startup, I worked with Empower Research, which was acquired by Genpact India in September 2011, as a Senior Associate. I was part of three different long term projects over my two and half year stint with them. I got exposure to tracking brand awareness performance across traditional media outlets and social media outlets. I worked for clients in cloud computing & storage business and pharmaceutical business verticals. Applying lean principles to projects I worked in, I have received three certificates and saved the organisation combined $50K in productivity.

I pursued my Post Graduation in Management from IMT Nagpur and graduated in 2013. IMT Nagpur is rapidly making a name for itself in management education space. It was founded in 2004. The school has consistently been ranked among the top B-schools among the country if you remove the IIMs from the league. Personally I have always focused on learning from my peers and faculty, that’s being the primary reason I had chosen IMT Nagpur to pursue my degree.

My hobbies have been stamp collecting in my childhood days. I still have lots of them. Then I used to collect various cricketer cards. After my SSC, I developed an interest in reading and it has continued since then. Recently after I joined the B-School, I developed a liking to photography being inspired by this senior who is a real gem in this field. You can check out my photography skills on Facebook over here. Blogging too, started during my post graduation phase and since then I have tried to write occasionally whenever I did take out the time.

This was a blog for four & half years, before it became a website on 1st May 2017. Sole reason for the blog was that I wanted to pen down and give a voice to my thoughts and opinions on various happenings around the world. I wanted to share out my observations and my life’s experiences. And I am open to receiving contributions from others who want to do the same. You can contact me through FacebookLinkedIn, Twitter or drop me a mail at my email id.

I do book reviews as well and when I am feeling it, may be a few movie reviews here and there. So drop me a mail if you are interested in getting my views on something. Do share your thoughts and comments on the page and anything you like me to share my thoughts on.