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Fear as a stimulus for Motivation

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Fear Motivator

Motivation and Fear drive this world. These two either in tandem or at crossroads can either work with you or against you to let you lead a successful life. Sometimes even though we are highly motivated to perform a particular task, our fear gets the better of us and we falter at the task. While at other times it is the fear of failure which motivates us to perform our task and duties! How ironic!

Fear is an intense emotion which is induced by a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger. While Motivation is a term that refers to a process that elicits, controls, and sustains certain behaviours that helps one move along a path towards a specific target or goal. We know Newton’s third law states that Every action has equal and opposite reaction. Similarly I believe Motivation leads to action and lack of it brings everything to a standstill.

How does one go about finding motivation to keep performing and be successful?

Using fear as a motivator, one can only achieve as much. It is a dangerous stimulus. If you succeed in your endeavours, then fear is useful, otherwise the added pressure of failure will make you feel the fear as bigger and it may overwhelm you and actually be a demotivator. So how do we tackle it? The key, here, is to learn to shift your focus from risks associated with the challenge to the rewards that are up for grabs. Instead of a limiting outlook, learn to see the potential benefits. As they say learn to look at the half-filled glass, Still half of glass can be collected in it rather than half would be emptied soon enough. Develop a Mindset for success. And constantly focus on it.

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