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Trust is money!

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Can you deposit Trust in a Piggy Bank?

Trust is a feeling when you believe the other person will see your back in your absence. It’s the confidence you have built upon some other person based on your previous experiences with the person. Some people develop trust easily and some take lot of time to develop trust in someone else. Whatever it is, but once it has developed, it just requires one wrong step to completely lose it. This is universal. How ironic. But it is basic human nature. Even a small child has innate sense of it, though in its most basic form. If he touches fire, he gets burnt. He will never ever trust fire again within inches of his bare skin in life. That’s loss of trust, though its thoughtlessness on his part to touch the fire in first place, and do we expect the child to such thoughtfulness? No. Anyways the point is once trust has been lost, it’s very very hard to build it up again.

Trust is one feeling that can be built up if we want to. Trust is a founding stone on which all relationships are formed and maintained. Consider it like a bank account. Whenever you do trust building activities, you are making a deposit into that account. And your account balance grows as your trust factor goes up. And then you can use up your trust and the degree of usage will reduce your account. Larger the bank account balance, stronger and longer the relationship based on trust lasts. And if you overuse it and the balance becomes negative, then that trust is lost and it will require a larger effort than before in building it up again, as similar to being penalised for having a negative balance and to deposit more to get back your account active and running again.

The advantages of Trust are priceless. When there is high trust, the work gets done faster and effectively. You do not have to put lot of effort in asking the person to help you out. But when there is low trust, the effort put to ask the person to do the work is high. So the costs there significantly goes up. But businesses today have a lot of distrust because of the cutthroat competition around. Business are ready to do anything to survive and such atmosphere is not conducive to develop trust. They are loosing out on lot of value, because they don’t trust. Trust is just another manifestation of money. If you have trust, you have business with low money. Why go farther, look at Tata. It is one of the most respected companies not only in India, but now even World respects its brand. That brings in business, that earns them some benefits which other equally compatible competitor may not get.

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