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Choices maketh the person

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Overload of Choices

We are all byproducts of our past choices. I say byproduct because here I am referring to the very essential of a character of a person. Our past choices lead to a series of events and consequences that has led us into the situation today we find ourselves in. Those are the changes that are visible and in the common domain of everyone connected to us. That’s the product. While along the way we gather up experiences and learnings that shape our way of thinking and even influence our future decision-making. That is something that only we assimilate and understand. It is that what makes us. Distill all of the living moments of your life and what you will find is a set of governing principles that defines you right now. This very essence of you is what I am referring to – the byproduct.

Usually whenever we are at crossroads of important decisions of our lives, everyone acknowledges the choices we had to face and the choice we eventually took. But we make choices every day. Just like I did by penning down my thoughts on it into this very article. It was my conscious choice. We like it or not, we know it or not, we make choices every single living moment of our lives and we steer the direction of our life’s journey. That’s the kind of power our decision-making has over our future.

Many of us would have had felt at some point or other the overwhelming feeling of going back in time and changing a decision; taking the other choice and dwelling on what would have happened. I guess that’s what a butterfly effect is. A small event altering the whole course of future events. So its obvious to feel repulsed when we are forced to make a choice against our free will. Its even provocative to make us go for the opposite choice just to show our dissent at the action. Hence it goes without saying that we should not cross the line as regards to making a choice for someone else too; even when we feel our way of thinking may be for their own good. Everyone should be given a free hand in making their own choices and let them be responsible for their lives. If our choices makes us, then it is our responsibility to come good off them. And everyone should be comfortable in accepting that.

I am what I am because of the choices I made in my past…

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