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Rules make things efficient not effective

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Whenever any process is repeated over time, each transaction and each problem is solved similarly using the same set of assumptions and logic. Over time, they become rules which govern the solution dispensing methodology.  But once in a while, a case or a transaction comes which defy the previous cases that have been handled by the rules and the rules themselves become a constraint in dispensing the best solution. Such is the nature in any setup. The rules we made for providing best possible standardised solution to a number of cases with similar attributes become a constraint for a case which doesn’t fall under them. And that’s where disappointment sets in and inefficiency of a system is exposed. And no one is ready to do what it takes to do to solve that case. Rather than make an exception or modify the rules, the case is rejected being portrayed as it would be unfair to other cases that have been handled till now!!! Such absurdity.

The people handling such transactions for years now, have become efficient in what they do and in an effort to keep improving their efficiency ignore the case and simply reject it. They are not willing to put effort in changing the things around a bit. Who knows whether it will work or not. And this may affect their efficiency figures. The short term view took preference over the long term here. Eventually the system and its rules that were setup to dispense best possible solution to every case that comes to them failed. We do need to balance the long term view with short term view. An informed decision would help everyone to best employ themselves to the situation.

So in such an environment, the rule makers become the defacto kings and act like one. But sorry, even kings dispense judgement on a case to case basis. Rules should be prevalent but in a more flexible sense and just act like a structure not the boundaries within which to act, themselves. Then only, the real sensible judgement and best possible solution can be dispensed in every case possible.

Rules make things efficient but if they do not help become the system effective, what’s the use of them? Rules should be followed with sense. We are the ones who make the rules, so its not set in stone to follow them. Use judgement and wisdom whether the case at hand requires any thing else. Rules shouldn’t hinder us in delivering the best possible to the case. The main aim is to be effective and while being effective being efficient, not the other way round.

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