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Valentine Day - A Day to celebrate Romantic Love

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Valentine’s Day went by a few days back. Enough has been said about it being not in our culture to celebrate it in India; it’s a western culture day and blah blah. But what one can surely say is that everyone can relate to it in some way or the other. For the people in love, it’s one of those days to put everything else on a back burner and spend some time with their love partners, for others though who may not have one now, it reminds them of their past. The feelings and the yearnings, for the one who they couldn’t have, that have been suppressed for ages come out in these few days every year. The turmoil within that isn’t visible in the calm faces makes me realize that there isn’t anyone who isn’t or has been love struck or heartbroken in this world. Of all things that divide this world, love is one thing that brings together it together. Be it the richest man on this planet or the lowest of the lowly beggars on the street corner, both would have experienced it somehow and the joy or sorrow associated with it.

I read somewhere all great philosophers have been greater failures at romantic love in their past. Indeed love matures a person and makes him more sensitive and responsible. Being in romantic love is a most wonderful thing. Loving someone other than your immediate family and relatives is a very exciting and adventurous. It’s like you are extending your innermost self and opening it up for another person to explore jointly. Not everyone can fully do it. For whoever finds true love, it may fill him with pure joy and a whole new understanding of self and others. But it also may be the reason why, when the other person doesn’t value it and rejects it, one may feel heartbroken. But that is not a failure. It’s just a learning curve. Living without the person you love feels as though there is a void in life. But we learn to cope with it eventually with a smiling face. So this Valentine’s Day, lets pray for all those single souls who couldn’t complete their love story so that the God gives them the courage to go on every day with a smile on their face and find their true love eventually.

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