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Celebrations in the Order - First Anniversary

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It’s 1st March 2013 today. This blog was started on 28th Feb 2012. It has been a complete year now since I greeted the blogging world with Hello World. I am thoroughly excited about it. The irony of my first post being on the last day of February is not lost on me. For a common man in India, this day has always held an importance, an economic milestone. It’s the day when the Union Budget is presented in the Parliament House. And the whole of the country awaits in bated breath as the news start pouring in from the various news agencies with their own varied interpretations of the budget. Between The Hindu and The Times of India, they have nicely covered this years’ Budget. But the point of this post is not to discuss about the Indian Budget but to celebrate the anniversary.

It’s a Nostalgic time – time to reflect what has gone by and to decide upon a future course of action fr this blog. – The blog’s title says it all what I was thinking when I gave blogging a second shot. (First one was a personal diary kinda blog). And I hope my readers have found something different and interesting to read up on here. There are a number of memories attached to each of my posts that I cherish. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing them. I remember working the most on the post that talks about the business tycoon Mukesh Ambani’s Convo Visit to my college. Another post that I find worth mentioning is the Book Review of One Minute Manager. It has received most number of hits and has become the top viewed post on the blog by a tremendous amount of margin. I am happy that these posts are being found useful by the readers and this gives me motivation to go on.

I have tried to capture different moods and ideas in these few posts. And hope to continue to do so. With my readers support, may be this blog can survive another year. So till then Happy Anniversary to me and Thank You readers for keeping me going.

Just a Heads-up. I am working on some posts on Marketing and Operations domains. Keep on the lookout. 😉

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