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In times of today, when time itself is short, having it extra and to spend it on watching movies, one would expect to spend it wisely on movies which adheres to one’s tastes. But when you have watched all the regular famous ones, that one should have watched, the question inexorably arises, ‘What next?’ And invariably most of us turn to IMDb. IMDb is a huge database of movies, TV Shows and other video documentaries made around the world. Most of the peers I have seen, live by the motto of ‘Any movie which has a 7+ rating on IMDb is a movie that could be worth spending time on’. Ofcourse I live by it too. For TV Series, some live by 8+ ratings but personally I have enjoyed shows falling on a 6+ rating too.

Talking of this, I sometimes think how Web has even affected the way we like to entertain ourselves. I guess it’s the affinity for everything related to World Wide Web, that has led us to seek an answer to all our problems on it. And then we say internet has brought back slavery into fashion. I feel that whenever we are faced with a situation we would like to have an opinion on, we ask our immediate family, relatives, friends about their views on it. So you get a mixed feedback on the situation and then again you are in a fix on how to proceed, because personal biases may set in when receiving the opinions. One advantage that internet provides us and a huge one at that is it’s an aggregator of opinions and thus (statistically) removes all the biases and helps us decide on the situation more reliably. That’s a positive and it’s acts as a nicotine. IMDb has proved one such vital drug. Its addiction is pervasive and it has helped me find a lot of good movies which I wouldn’t have unless otherwise.

I didnt get a chance to check out the IMDB Pro website (the paid version of it). The free one does a good job but I do am curious as to what else can the Pro website offer as such to those of us who relieve our ‘Next movie to watch dilemma’ everyday by visiting IMDB. Will anyone who has accessed that website throw some light on it?

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