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Private India - Book Review

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Private India

Book Title: Private India

Author: Ashwin Sanghi

Approx Leisure Read Time: 280 – 320 min

Review:  I have never read a Private’s series book before, so I accepted this book without any preconceived notions or expectations. Since I had read all of Ashwin Sanghi’s previous books, I was sure of one thing; that it would be a Page Turner. And I wasn’t disappointed. But writing a review of a thriller book is somewhat tricky. One can’t reveal too much and without revealing a little, a book review doesn’t make much sense. I will try to do justice. Let’s see. Onto the review.

A couple of murders rock the bustling city of Mumbai. One of the victims is a foreign doctor while other is a journalist of a Mumbai Daily. Mr Santosh Wagh, head of the Indian arm of World’s Best Investigation Agency, Private is tasked with catching the killers. The book opens with Santosh Wagh cradling a glass of Johnnie Walker in his apartment at night. He is awoken from his slumber when his cell rings and Rupesh, an officer with the Mumbai Police breaks the news of the first murder to him. Santosh reaches the murder site and finds his team already there. His team consisted of Nisha, his assistant and protegé, Hari the IT specialist and Mubeen the med specialist. Amongst them and with Private’s unending resources they had all skill sets needed to be a top-notch investigation agency.

While Santosh was investigating the first murder, another one happens the next night – the journalist. Both the murders resembled some kind of ritualistic killing. The team starts exploring options and tries to connect the dots. And before we know it, the reader is pulled in by the pace of the plot. A fanatical serial killer or killers? One after another victims start appearing all over Mumbai and Santosh & team rush to catch the killers and solve the case. The plot also has two more interesting characters – Munna, the don who runs Mumbai as his own fiefdom and controls its criminal activities all from a shady dance bar and Nimboo Baba, the god-man who secretly finances Munna’s operations and provides a way to legitimise Munna’s ill-gotten money. The plot also reveals a terrorist bomb attack being planned by Indian Mujahideen at an unknown target in Mumbai. And while all of this is present, Santosh’s boss Jack Morgan, the owner of Private, happens to be in Mumbai to attend a Page 3 function with his close friend. And then that close friend gets murdered too and this becomes personal for Jack.

With so many characters with their own agenda, author deftly makes sure the plot moves without a break and in a synchronised continuity to its logical end. The climax is good and satisfactory. The book does have some surprises in store, which creeps up on you unexpectedly as the plot nears its climax.

I will recommend this book to the thriller genre lovers. Don’t miss it. This crime thriller does hold your attention and you will itch to know what happens in the end. Go to Amazon to get your copy.

Note: I would like to share a series of experiences as it happened while I was reading the book. I had picked up this book from Landmark store in Bangalore one fine evening when I had gone out to catch a movie – Guardians of Galaxy in 3D at PVR. I was going to Mumbai a week later and thought it would be a good time killer for the flight journey to and fro. While I was returning from Mumbai, I forgot the book in IndiGo flight. By now, I was halfway through the book, and very eager to finish it off. I went to their counter at the airport and they checked the flight and couldn’t find the book. I tweeted them as I left the airport dejected. They replied soon and tried once again to find the book. But were still unable to find it. I do appreciate their efforts. Later I sent a tweet to the author, since I actively followed him, and he replied promptly promising me a free copy! When it came three days later, I was pleasantly surprised, since when I opened the book I found a signed message from him. That was awesome! Now whenever I will see this book on my bookshelf, I was always remember this experience with a fondness. Seriously, thank you Ashwin Sanghi. 🙂

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