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The Call - Chapter Story

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The clock blinked 7:19am and in a minute the alarm went off. Surmiya moved off the bedside and snoozed the alarm. Two minutes later, his phone buzzed and he reluctantly stretched out his hand and picked it up. Hello. What is it. Riya shouted in the phone, Get up sleepyhead. I have a problem on my hands. I want you here in [pause] 25 mins. Surmiya, now was fully awake. A call from Riya meant serious trouble. He recalled the times when Riya and he used to be best of buddies in college. A group case study had changed it all. He and she differed on the perspective of the case study and she got selected by the RAW for her analysis. That separated them and it drove Surmiya to go private. For next six years, both focussed on their own careers. Riya rose quickly among the ranks due to her objectivity in analysis and good people management skills, while Surmiya quickly built a reputation solving cases where other investigators had given up hope. One was a rising star on government payrolls while other was building his reputation one case at a time in private sector. And then one fine day they crossed each other working on different parts of the same investigation. He and Riya teamed up and cracked open the case solving a twenty year old real estate logjam scam. Since then, Riya had contacted him for his help in investigating various high profile secret cases. He had reluctantly agreed to help since he wanted a break from his regular clientele. He felt happy working alongside her and she was happy to have him beside her working with her, for her. Since then, she had cultivated the relationship and ocassionally asked for his help when RAW was unable to crack a case. Surmiya shakes his head to pull himself from the memories and shouts back, Why don’t you guys improve your selection criteria? I m sure you could find some good analytical minds across the country only if you knew where to look. I don’t want to have to do anything with the government. Riya, knew the all familiar routine and she replies, Yes we know Mr Sherlock. You don’t approve our methods, but I can’t help it and it’s neither my concern. My job is to resolve a case I have been handed upon. And this one comes directly from PMO’s office. So I believe its something damn serious. Be sure to be here in, *she checks her watch* 23 min. Surmiya sighs, Ok ok. I will be there. Just keep the coffee pot ready as I like it. He puts down the receiver, glances at his watch 7: 37 am and gets up to get ready. His instincts tell him, this one would be a long one…

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