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Pull someone up so he can push you higher up

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Get a Promotion

Want that promotion you have been eyeing for past few years? Have you ever thought why is it not yours yet? Aren’t you qualified enough? Or is the career of the person occupying that position has hit a plateau, and he is just a hindrance? OK you are qualified and the person at that higher position is doing well too.  Then have you ever thought, suppose if you get that position, who will fill up your position? I guess not. You probably think the organisation will find someone who can. Then you are right, the only difference being, once they find that replacement, then only they will think of shifting you. So till then you are stuck. Yes that’s the harsh truth of it.

When it’s time for appraisals, you will probably be sweating over your promotion opportunities, but the HR may be sweating over the all the positions they need to fill up that are going to go vacant when there are promotions across the organisation. So they have to synchronise and fill up the gaps that are going to be created with right talent. Consider this like they have to remove the steps from their existing grooves and move them to next level and then find other steps from lower level that can fit snugly into the one that just got vacant. And what happens when they don’t find those steps? Well its simple, the steps wouldn’t be moved up at all. Now you understand, why your career isn’t moving up, even when you are qualified for that next level.

Most people who want climb that success ladder quickly have focused their vision northwards. But in this, they are forgetting that the organisation is not there just for them. The position they vacated, to move up, needs to be filled up too. So if you want your boss’s job, then rather help him move up to his boss’s position and when he makes that jump, your boss’s position is vacant for you. And obviously when you help your boss move up, boss may return the favour by recommending you for his position. So it goes both ways. Help your boss move up and create talent below you to take up your position when you move up the ladder.

Sharing knowledge and your experience will help build capabilities downstream. That’s what is nowadays called creating a second level of leadership. So when the current crop of leaders step down, the leaders in waiting can take up the mantle and sustain the momentum organisation has got from its former leaders and take it forward.

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